Occupational self-coding automatic recording (OSCAR)

Create a new study

Using this screen you are able to create a study:

  1. Read the Oscar terms of use for study owners;
  2. Submit your study name and confirm your email address;
  3. Your new study is created; and
  4. You will be sent an email with a unique link for participants to access your study. The email will also contain instructions for you to retrieve your study data.


You must click the 'Read the Oscar terms of use for study owners' link to display the mandatory checkbox in this section.

Your study specific Privacy Policy text is not mandatory and can be supplied later. If supplied it will be displayed with heading 'Privacy Policy - *your Study Name*' at the top of, and on the same page as, the Oscar Privacy & Cookies Policy. This page is accessible to users via the blue button on all pages in the top right. Please submit plain text without html or other markup/code.

After your new study has been created, before inviting participants, we recommend that you run a test participant submission.


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